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Operators in Java

An operator in Java is a symbol with which we can perform operations on the operand. An operand may be a variable or a value. For any operation, we must have a minimum of 1 operand. Types of Operators in Java Below are the different types of Operators in Java …

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JavaScript Array find

We can use the JavaScript Array.find() method when we want to find only a single element from an array based on a condition. We can either pass this condition in a separate function or directly write the condition in the method call. How array find method works in Javascript The …

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PHP strlen

Definition and usage of PHP strlen In PHP, we use strlen() method to find the length of the given string. This method takes the string as a parameter and provides the length of the input string as the return value. It considers all blank spaces and special characters as well …

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Javascript Date

Javascript date object is used to fetch date and time-related data. We can get values like date, day, month, year, time, hour, seconds, etc using different Date methods. We can also fetch different Date Formats using this object. Create a Javascript date object We can use any of the below …

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Javascript Includes method

Javascript includes method checks if a specific value is present in the given input which is case sensitive. It can be used for string and array. It returns true if the value is present else it returns false. String includes method syntax string.includes(searchvalue, startIndex); string – The original string content …

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