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Array Questions Coupang

Question 1. Maximum Sum Increasing Subsequence Problem Statement   In the “Maximum Sum Increasing Subsequence” problem we have given an array. Find the sum of the maximum subsequence of the given array, that is the integers in the subsequence are in sorted order. A subsequence is a part of an array which is a sequence that is ...

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Question 2. Subarray with Given Sum Problem Statement   In the subarray with the given sum problem, we have given an array containing n positive elements. We have to find the subarray in which the sum of all the elements of the subarray equal to a given_sum. Subarray is obtained from the original array by deleting some ...

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Other Questions Coupang

Question 3. Add two numbers Add two numbers is a problem in which we have given two non-empty linked list representing a non-negative integer. The digit are store in reverse order and every node must contain only a single digit. Add the two numbers and print the result by using a linked list. Input Format   ...

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