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DifficultyQuestion TitleCompany NameCategory
MediumContiguous ArrayAmazonMakeMyTripMorgan StanleyPaytmarray
EasyMaximum Length of Repeated Subarrayarray
EasyCount pair with Given SumAccoliteAmazonFactsetHikearray
Maximum difference between frequency of two elements such that element having greater frequency is also greaterarray
All Unique Triplets that Sum up to a Given Valuearray
EasyLongest Subarray Having Count of 1s One More than Count of 0sarray
Maximum Array from Two given Arrays Keeping Order Samearray
EasyCount Subarrays with Same Even and Odd Elementsarray
EasyRearrange an Array Such that arr[i] is equal to iarray
EasySegregate 0s and 1s in an Arrayarray
Maximum Number of Chocolates to be Distributed Equally Among k Studentsarray
EasyMaximum Consecutive Numbers Present in an Arrayarray
EasyMove all Negative Numbers to Beginning and Positive to End with Constant Extra Spacearray
Queries for Number of Distinct Elements in a Subarrayarray
Queries on Probability of Even or Odd Number in given Rangesarray
Total Numbers With no Repeated Digits in a Rangearray
Range Minimum Query (Square Root Decomposition and Sparse Table)array
Range Sum Query using Sparse Tablearray
Count and Toggle Queries on a Binary Arrayarray
Queries for Decimal Values of Subarrays of a Binary Arrayarray
Maximize Elements Using Another Arrayarray
Find whether an array is subset of another arrayarray
Print all triplets in sorted array that form AParray
Find number of pairs in an array such that their XOR is 0array
Given an Array of Pairs Find all Symmetric Pairs in itarray
Find all triplets with zero sumarray
Generate all possible sorted arrays from alternate elements of two given sorted arraysarray
Array Queries for multiply, replacements and productarray
Check in binary array the number represented by a subarray is odd or evenarray
Queries for counts of array elements with values in given rangearray
Products of ranges in an arrayarray
Palindrome Permutationarray
Sort an array according to the order defined by another arrayarray
Rearrange a binary string as alternate x and y occurrencesarray
Shuffle 2n integers as without using extra spacearray
Distinct adjacent elements in an arrayarray
Construction of Longest Increasing Subsequence (N log N)array
Maximize sum of consecutive differences in a circular arrayarray
Three way partitioning of an array around a given rangearray
Check if X can give change to every person in the Queuearray
Rearrange an array such that ‘arr[j]’ becomes ‘i’ if ‘arr[i]’ is ‘j’array
Maximum length subsequence with difference between adjacent elements as either 0 or 1array
Replace two consecutive equal values with one greaterarray
Find a sorted subsequence of size 3 in linear timearray
Maximum Product Subarrayarray
Convert array into Zig-Zag fashionarray
Rearrange array such that even index elements are smaller and odd index elements are greaterarray
Segregate even and odd numbersarray
EasyFind Minimum In Rotated Sorted ArrayAdobeAmazonMicrosoftMorgan StanleySamsungSnapdealTimes Internetarray
Move all negative elements to end in order with extra space allowedarray
Rearrange array such that even positioned are greater than oddarray
Double the first element and move zero to endarray
EasyRemove duplicates from sorted arrayAmazonFacebookMorgan StanleyWiproXomeZohoarray
EasyProduct of array except selfAccoliteAmazonDE ShawMorgan StanleyOperaarray
HardFirst missing positiveAccoliteAmazonFactsetSamsungSnapdealarray
Find the minimum distance between two numbersarray
Count pairs from two sorted arrays whose sum is equal to a given value xarray
Find the subarray with least averagearray
Find the smallest positive integer value that cannot be represented as sum of any subset of a given arrayarray
Find minimum number of merge operations to make an array palindromearray
Minimize the maximum difference between the heightsarray
Find maximum average subarray of k lengtharray
Find minimum difference between any two elementsarray
Count minimum steps to get the given desired arrayarray
Dividing Array into Pairs With Sum Divisible by Karray
Count Distinct Elements in Every Window of Size Karray
Count Subsets Having Distinct Even Numbersarray
Find Three Element From Different Three Arrays Such That a + b + c = sumarray
Longest Increasing Subsequencearray
Count Pairs Whose Products Exist in Arrayarray
Merge Overlapping Intervalsarray
Median of Two Sorted Arraysarray
Maximum Product Subarrayarray
MediumFind Maximum of Minimum for Every Window Size in a Given ArrayAmazonFlipkartSAP LabsZohoarray
Longest Common Prefix Using Word by Word Matchingarray
Minimum Size Subarray Sumarray
Intersection of Two Arraysarray
Search an Element in Sorted Rotated Arrayarray
Maximum Product Subarrayarray
3 Sumarray
Find The Duplicate Numberarray
Maximum Sum of 3 Non-Overlapping Subarraysarray
Minimum Index Sum of Two Listsarray
Split Array Into Consecutive Subsequencesarray
Find the Duplicate Elementarray
Find the Only Repetitive Element Between 1 to N-1array
Trapping Rain Waterarray
Finding K closest elementarray
Jump Gamearray
Combination Sumarray
Search in Sorted Rotated Arrayarray
Maximum Subarrayarray
Sliding Window Maximumarray
Delete And Earnarray
Length of Longest Fibonacci Subsequencearray
Merging Intervalsarray
First Bad Versionarray
Peak Index in a Mountain Arrayarray
Create Maximum Numberarray
Degree of an arrayarray
Queue Reconstruction by Heightarray
Search Insert Positionarray
Find Peak Elementarray
Valid Triangle Numberarray
Power of Twoarray
Maximum size subarray sum equals karray
Next greater elementarray
Guess The Wordarray
Missing Numberarray
Merge Sorted Arrayarray
Partition Equal Subset Sumarray
Last Stone Weightarray
Sort Colorsarray
Rotate Arrayarray
Subarray Sum Equals karray
Infix to Postfixarray
Circular Queuearray
Given a sorted array and a number x, find the pair in array whose sum is closest to xarray
Find the subarray whose sum is equal to a given number Xarray
Arrange Even and Odd number such that Odd comes after Evenarray
Minimum number of Merge Operations to make an Array Palindromearray
Form minimum number from given sequence of D’s and I’sarray
Longest span with same sum in two binary arraysarray
Find the Subarray of given length with Least Averagearray
Find Zeros to be Flipped so that number of Consecutive 1’s is maximizedarray
Merge K Sorted Arrays and Print Sorted Outputarray
Find the minimum element in a sorted and rotated arrayarray
Find the point where a monotonically increasing function becomes positive first timearray
Print all possible combinations of r elements in a given array of size narray
Sort Elements by frequencyarray
Stock Buy Sell to Maximize Profitarray
Merge Overlapping Intervalsarray
Maximum Subarray Sum using Divide and Conquerarray
Pancake sorting Problemarray
Pancake sortingarray
Arrange given numbers to form the biggest numberarray
Iterative Implementation of quick sortarray
Shuffle a given arrayarray
Find the row with maximum number of 1’sarray
Sorting a k sorted arrayarray
Maximum product subarrayarray
Largest subarray with equal number of 0’s and 1’sarray
Find the two numbers with odd occurrences in an unsorted arrayarray
Maximum sum increasing subsequencearray
Implement two stacks in an arrayarray
Number of smaller elements on right sidearray
Increasing subsequence of length three with maximum productarray
Elements appear more than n/k times in arrayarray
Find the Peak element from an arrayarray
Rearrange positive and negative numbers alternatively in Arrayarray
Find the maximum repeating number in arrayarray
Tug of Wararray
First Circular Tour to Visit all the Petrol Bunksarray
Count Possible Trianglesarray
Maximum Circular Subarray Sumarray
Four Elements that Sum to Givenarray
Maximum Length of Chain Pairsarray
Find Pair with Given Differencearray
Partition Problemarray
The Celebrity Problemarray
Find a Sorted Subsequence of size 3array
Subarray with Given Sumarray
Maximum Element in an Array which is Increasing and then Decreasingarray
Count Minimum Steps to Get the given Arrayarray
Find the Lost Element From a Duplicated Arrayarray
Rearrange given Array in Maximum Minimum Formarray
Subarray and Subsequencearray
Merge Two Sorted Arraysarray
Count of Triplets With Sum Less than Given Valuearray
Reorder Array Using Given Indexesarray
Next Greater Element in an Arrayarray
Merging Two Sorted Arraysarray
Reorder an Array According to the Given Indexesarray
Find a Fixed Point in a Given Arrayarray
Find Element Using Binary Search in Sorted Arrayarray
Find Triplet in Array With a Given Sumarray
Check if the Elements of an Array are Consecutivearray
Find Duplicates in an Array in Most Efficient Wayarray
Sort 0s 1s and 2s in an Arrayarray
Find Leaders in an Arrayarray
Smallest Positive Number Missing in an Unsorted Arrayarray
Find K Length Subarray of Maximum Averagearray
Find Pythagorean Triplets from Arrayarray
Move All the Zeros to the End of the Given Arrayarray
Find Minimum Distance Between Two Numbers in an Arrayarray
Rotate Image by 90 degreesarray
Count Number of Occurrences in a Sorted Arrayarray
Maximum Sum of Non Consecutive Elementsarray
Find Smallest Missing Number in a Sorted Arrayarray
First Repeating Elementarray
Multiplication of Previous and Nextarray
A Product Array Puzzlearray
Find All Pairs With a Given Differencearray
Find all Common Elements in Given Three Sorted Arraysarray
Find the first Repeating Number in a Given Arrayarray
Print All Distinct Elements of the Arrayarray
Maximum difference between two elements such as larger element comes after smallerarray
Majority Elementarray
Find the First and Second Smallest Elementsarray
Find the Number Occurring Odd Number of Times in an Arrayarray
Sort Elements by Frequency of Occurrencesarray
Find the Missing Numberarray
Find Nearest Greater and Smaller Elementarray
Largest Sum Contiguous Subarrayarray
Reverse an Arrayarray
Find a Triplet That Sum to a Given Valuearray
Find elements pair from array whose sum equal to numberarray

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