MediumFind whether a subarray is in form of a mountain or notProblem Statement The problem “Find whether a subarray is in form of a mountain or not” read more
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EasySubset Sum Problem in O(sum) spaceProblem Statement The “Subset sum in O(sum) space” problem states that you are given an read more
EasyFriends Pairing ProblemProblem Statement The “Friends Pairing Problem” states that there are N friends. And read more
EasyGold Mine ProblemProblem Statement The “Gold Mine problem” states that you are given a 2D grid having read more
EasyTiling ProblemProblem Statement The “Tiling Problem” states that you have a grid of size 2 x N and a read more
EasyPermutation CoefficientProblem Statement In this problem “Permutation Coefficient”, we need to find it when we read more
EasyLongest Increasing Consecutive SubsequenceSubsequences are another topic loved by interviewers. Tweaking them around can always give them new read more
EasyBinomial CoefficientProblem Statement Find the Binomial Coefficient for a given value of n and k. “In read more
EasyBest Time to Buy and Sell StockProblem Statement The problem “Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock” states that you are read more
EasyNumber Of Longest Increasing SubsequenceProblem Statement The problem “Number Of Longest Increasing Subsequence” states that read more
MediumPalindrome PartitioningProblem Statement Given a string, find the minimum number of cuts required such that all the read more
MediumProgram for Bridge and Torch problemProblem Statement The “Bridge and Torch” problem states that you are given an array of time a read more
MediumBoolean Parenthesization ProblemProblem Statement “ Boolean Parenthesization Problem ” states that we are given a sequence of read more
HardK maximum sums of overlapping contiguous sub-arraysProblem Statement The problem “K maximum sums of overlapping contiguous sub-arrays” read more
EasyHow to print maximum number of A’s using given four keysProblem Statement How to print maximum number of A’s using given four keys, this problem read more
MediumCollect maximum points in a grid using two traversalsProblem Statement We are given a matrix of size “n x m”, and we need to collect maximum points read more
EasyMaximum weight transformation of a given stringProblem Statement The maximum weight transformation of a given string problem states that given a read more
MediumWord Wrap ProblemProblem Statement The word wrap problem states that given a sequence of words as input, we need to read more
MediumThe Painter’s Partition ProblemProblem Statement The Painter’s Partition problem states that we have some fences and we have read more
EasyMaximum Subarray Sum Excluding Certain ElementsProblem Statement We are given an array, and we need to find maximum subarray sum excluding certain read more
MediumMobile Numeric Keypad ProblemProblem Statement In the mobile numeric keypad problem, we consider a numeric keypad.  We need to read more
EasyMaximum sum bitonic subarrayProblem Statement An array having n integers is given to us. We need to find the maximum sum read more
MediumLargest area rectangular sub-matrix with equal number of 1’s and 0’sProblem Statement Given a binary matrix of size n x m. The problem is to find the largest area read more
EasyA Space Optimized DP solution for 0-1 Knapsack ProblemProblem Statement We are given a knapsack which can hold some weight, we need to pick some of the read more
MediumPrinting brackets in Matrix Chain Multiplication ProblemProblem Statement We need to find the order of multiplication of matrices such that the number of read more
EasySize of The Subarray With Maximum SumProblem Statement You are given an array of integers. The given array can contain both positive and read more
MediumMinimum number of jumps to reach endProblem Statement Suppose you have an array of integers and each element of an array indicates each read more
MediumNumber of palindromic paths in a matrixProblem Statement We are given a two-dimensional matrix containing lowercase English alphabets, we read more
MediumLargest rectangular sub-matrix whose sum is 0Problem Statement Find the maximum size sub-matrix in a 2D array whose sum is zero. A sub-matrix is read more
MediumMaximum sum rectangle in a 2D matrixProblem Statement Find the maximum sum rectangle in a 2D matrix i.e. to find a sub-matrix with read more
EasyMaximum Sum Increasing SubsequenceProblem Statement You are given an array of integers. Your task is to find out the maximum sum read more
EasyLargest Sum Contiguous SubarrayProblem Statement You are given an array of integers. The problem statement asks to find out the read more
MediumMatrix Chain MultiplicationIn the matrix chain multiplication II problem, we have given the dimensions of matrices, find the read more
Super Ugly NumberWrite a program to find the nth super ugly number. Super ugly numbers are positive numbers whose read more
Divisible Pairs CountingDivisible Pairs is one of the interviewer’s favorite problem. This problem is good enough for read more
The Knapsack ProblemBefore going to “The Knapsack Problem” first look at a real-life problem. Sakshi wants read more
Decode WaysIn Decode Ways problem we have given a non-empty string containing only digits, determine the read more
Longest Palindromic SubsequenceIn the longest palindromic subsequence problem we have given a string, find the length of the read more
Target Sum“Target Sum” is a special problem for all the DPHolics I have with me today. There read more
Longest Common SubsequenceYou are given two strings str1 and str2, find out the length of the longest common subsequence. read more
House RobberThe House Robber Problem states that, in a neighborhood in a city, there is a single row of n read more
Pascal Triangle LeetcodeThe Pascal Triangle is a very good Leetcode problem that is asked so many times in Amazon, read more
Stone Game II LeetcodeWhat is Stone Game II Problem? Stone Game II LeetCode is a very famous problem on leetcode which is read more
Palindrome PartitioningPalindrome Partitioning is a DP problem. In this problem, Given a string S. Partition S such that read more
New 21 GameNew 21 Game is a problem that is based on the card game “21”. The problem statement of read more
Distinct SubsequencesGiven two strings S and P1, we have to count all the number of distinct subsequences of S which read more
EasyClimbing stairsProblem Statement The problem “Climbing stairs” states that you are given a staircase read more
Subset sum problemIn the subset sum problem, we are given a list of all positive numbers and a Sum. We need to check read more
Ugly NumbersThe positive numbers whose only prime factors are 2, 3, or 5 are known as ugly numbers. For eg- 8 read more
Dynamic Programming BasicsIn Dynamic Programming basics, we will cover the basics of DP and its differences from the Greedy read more
Coin Change ProblemCoin Change Problem – Given some coins of different values c1, c2, … , cs (For read more