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Difficulty Question Title Company Name Category
MediumFind the smallest binary digit multiple of given numberAmazonFourkitesLinkedInMicrosoftSnapdealgraph
MediumMinimum Operations to convert X to YAmazonFactsetFanaticsFourkitesJP MorganMyntraSamsungSpotifySquaregraph
Minimum time required to rot all orangesAdobeAmazonBloombergMicrosoftgraph
MediumCheck if two nodes are on the same path in a TreeAmazonFactsetFourkitesSamsunggraph
Transpose GraphAccentureAmazonJP MorganMicrosoftZycusgraph
EasyBFS for Disconnected GraphAmazonHuluKaratMicrosoftSalesforcegraph
HardMinimum Steps to reach target by a KnightAmazonLinkedInMakeMyTripgraph
EasyIterative Depth First Traversal of GraphAmazonAvalaraFactsetFanaticsGoogleOraclegraph
MediumMax Area of IslandAmazonBloombergDoorDashFacebookGoogleOraclePalantir Technologiesgraph
MediumGraph CloningAmazonAppleBloombergFacebookGoogleMicrosoftQualcommQualtricsTwitterUbergraph
HardKruskal AlgorithmAmazongraph
MediumFloyd Warshall AlgorithmSamsunggraph
MediumBipartite GraphSamsunggraph
MediumStrongly Connected ComponentVisagraph
MediumApplications of Breadth First Search and Depth First Searchgraph
EasyBFS vs DFS for Binary TreeAmazonInfosysMAQTCSgraph
EasyDepth First Search (DFS) for a GraphGE HealthcareInfosysMAQo9 solutionsUHG Optumgraph
EasyBreadth First Search (BFS) for a GraphAmazonCadence IndiaGE HealthcareHousing.comPocket GemsUHG Optumgraph
MediumGraph and its representationDelhiveryFactsetInfosysMAQo9 solutionsgraph
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