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Difficulty Question Title Company Name Category
MediumUnion and Intersection of two Linked Lists24*7 Innovation LabsAccoliteAmazonFlipkartKomli MediaMicrosoftTaxi4SureVMwareWalmart Labslinked-list
MediumRemove Duplicates from Sorted List IIAmazonlinked-list
EasyWrite a function to get the intersection point of two Linked ListsAccoliteAmazonDE ShawFactsetGoldman SachsMakeMyTripMAQMicrosoftQualcommSnapdealVisaZopperlinked-list
MediumDelete Nth node from the end of the given linked listAdobeAmazonArcesiumFactsetIntuitZoholinked-list
EasyDelete a Node from linked list without head pointerGE HealthcareMAQlinked-list
MediumImplementation of Deque using Doubly Linked ListAdobeAlationAmazonAmerican ExpressDE ShawFactsetFourkitesGE HealthcareGoogleOxigen WalletQualcommSpotifySprinklrUHG OptumWookerXomeZScalerlinked-list
EasyLinked List CycleAccoliteAmazonMAQSamsunglinked-list
MediumSwap Nodes In PairsAmazonMicrosoftMoonfrog Labslinked-list
HardMerge K Sorted Linked ListsAdobeAmazonAppleBloombergByteDanceDatabrickseBayFacebookGoldman SachsMicrosoftOraclePalantir TechnologiesTwitterUberlinked-list
EasyMerge Two Sorted Linked ListsAdobeAmazonAppleBloombergCapital OneFacebookGoogleIBMMicrosoftOraclelinked-list
HardReverse Nodes in K-GroupAdobeAmazonAppleByteDanceFacebookMicrosoftlinked-list
MediumAdd two numbersAmazonAppleBloombergDocuSignFacebookGoogleMicrosoftUberVMwareWalmart LabsYahoolinked-list
EasyReverse a linked listAccoliteAdobeAmazonMakeMyTripMicrosoftQualcommSamsungSAPSAP LabsSnapdealZoholinked-list
EasyInsert Node in the Sorted Linked ListAppleMicrosoftlinked-list
EasyDetect a loop in the Linked ListAmazonAppleFacebookGoldman SachsGoogleMicrosoftlinked-list
EasyFind Nth NodeAccoliteAdobeAmazonEpic SystemsFactsetHikeMAQMonotype SolutionsQualcommSnapdeallinked-list
EasySwap Kth Node from beginning with Kth Node from EndAmazonBlackRockMorgan Stanleylinked-list
Swap nodes in the linked listlinked-list
EasyDelete Last OccurrenceAdobeFactsetOraclelinked-list
EasyCheck if a Linked list of Strings form a PalindromeAdobeAmazonAppleBloombergCapital OneCiscoFacebookGoogleIXLMicrosoftNutanixOraclePaytmSnapchatUberYandexlinked-list
Merge two sorted linked lists such that merged list is in reverse orderlinked-list
Rearrange a given linked list in-placelinked-list
Clone a Linked List with next and random pointerlinked-list
Construct a Maximum Sum Linked List out of two Sorted Linked Lists having some Common nodeslinked-list
Quick Sort on SIngly Linked Listlinked-list
Flatten a multilevel linked listlinked-list
Rotate a Linked Listlinked-list
Union and Intersection of Two Linked Listslinked-list
Sort linked which is sorted on absolute valueslinked-list
Binary Tree to Doubly linked listlinked-list
Rearrange a linked list in Zig-Zaglinked-list
Clone a linked list with next and random pointer (Hashing)linked-list
Flattening a linked listlinked-list
Segregate even and odd nodes in a linked listlinked-list
Delete a node of a linked list at given positionlinked-list
Compare two strings(linked lists)linked-list
Merge sort better than quick sort for linked listslinked-list
Sort a linked list that is sorted alternating ascending and descendinglinked-list
Remove middle points in a linked list of line segmentslinked-list
Can we reverse a linked list in less than O(n) time ?linked-list
Merge a linked list into another at alternate positionslinked-list
Delete N nodes after Mlinked-list
Sort a linked list with 0s, 1s and 2slinked-list
Triplet from three linked lists with given sumlinked-list
Delete a node under given conditionslinked-list
Reverse a Linked List in groupslinked-list
Reverse a singly linked list recursivelylinked-list
Reverse a Singly Linked List (Iterative/Non-Recursive)linked-list
Remove all duplicates in an unsorted linked listlinked-list
Remove all duplicates in a sorted linked listlinked-list
Check if the linked list is palindromelinked-list
Total number of occurrences of a given item in the linked listlinked-list
Find nth node of the Linked list from the endlinked-list
Find middle of the Linked Listlinked-list
Insert nodes in a linked list in a sorted way (Ascending Order)linked-list
Check if two linked lists are identicallinked-list
Move last element of the Linked List at first placelinked-list
Delete a node in doubly linked listlinked-list
How to Delete a Linked Listlinked-list
Split linked list using alternate nodeslinked-list
Create a Doubly Linked Listlinked-list