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DifficultyQuestion TitleCompany NameCategory
MediumScramble StringAmazonFanaticsSamsungstring
EasyValid AnagramsAmazonGoldman SachsGoogleMicrosoftNagarrostring
MediumGroup AnagramsAmazonFacebookGoogleMicrosoftstring
HardInteger to English wordsAmazonFacebookMicrosoftOraclestring
HardSmallest Good Basestring
Minimum insertions to form a palindrome with permutations allowedstring
Longest Substring Without Repeating Charactersstring
Form minimum number from given sequencestring
MediumDelete consecutive same words in a sequenceFactsetstring
HardText JustificationAmazonCourseraGoogleIndeedLinkedInMicrosoftPinterestSnapchatstring
EasyReverse individual wordsAmazonstring
Arrange given numbers to form the biggest numberstring
EasyReverse IntegerMakeMyTripMAQstring
EasyReverse words in a stringAccoliteAdobeAmazonCiscoGoldman SachsMakeMyTripMAQMicrosoftMorgan StanleyPaytmPayUSAP LabsWiproZohostring
EasyReverse a StringMAQo9 solutionsTCSstring
EasyConvert String To IntMAQstring
HardShortest PalindromeAmazonDelhiveryFactsetstring
Reverse Bitsstring
Edit Distancestring
HardSubstring With Concatenation Of All WordsAmazonDE Shawstring
MediumTop K Frequent WordsAccoliteFourkitesstring
MediumExpression Contains Redundant Bracket or NotAmazonPaytmstring
MediumZigzag ConversionPayPalstring
EasyValid PalindromeMAQNokiao9 solutionsstring
Valid Parenthesis Stringstring
Next Permutationstring
Repeated Substring Patternstring
Letter Case Permutationstring
Longest Common Prefix using Sortingstring
Word Patternstring
Regular Expression Matchingstring
Reorganize Stringstring
String Compressionstring
Valid Parenthesesstring
Longest Common Prefix using Triestring
Valid Numberstring
Find the Closest Palindrome numberstring
Count and Saystring
Find unique character in a stringstring
Integer to Romanstring
Rabin Karp Algorithmstring
Isomorphic Stringsstring
String comparison containing wildcardsstring
Check whether strings are k distance apart or notstring
Program to toggle all characters in a stringstring
Check length of a string is equal to the number appended at its laststring
Generate all binary strings without consecutive 1’sstring
Check if all rows of a matrix are circular rotations of each otherstring
Sort a string according to another stringstring
Check if string can become empty by recursively deleting given sub-stringstring
Smallest palindrome after replacementstring
Check if string follows order of characters by a pattern or notstring
Even sub-string countstring
Reverse string without temporary variablestring
Recursive Palindrome checkstring
Minimum number of characters to be removed to make a binary string alternatestring
Print all palindromic partitions of a stringstring
Count of character pairs at same distance as in english alphabetsstring
Minimum characters to be added at front to make string palindromestring
Convert a string that is repetition of a substring of length kstring
Nth character in Concatenated Decimal stringstring
Kth Non-repeating characterstring
Compare two version numbersstring
Remove minimum characters so that two strings become anagramsstring
Generate all binary strings from given patternstring
Print all possible ways to break a string in bracket formstring
Caesar Cipherstring
Longest common subsequence withpermutationsstring
Perfect reversible stringstring
Longest palindrome can be formed by removing or rearranging charactersstring
Longest common prefix (word by word)string
Longest common prefix (Character by character)string
Permutations (STL)string
Calculate sum of all numbers present in a stringstring
Longest Common Prefix (Using Divide and Conquer)string
Lower Case To Upper Casestring
Longest Common Prefix (Using Biary Search)string
Print shortest path to print a string on screenstring
Remove Extra Spaces from a stringstring
Change gender of a given stringstring
Count number of substrings with k distinct characatersstring
Removing spaces from a string using stringstreamstring
Repeated subsequence of length 2 or morestring
Palindrome permutations of a stringstring
Split a stringstring
1`s and 2`s complement of binary numberstring
Longest Common Extensionstring
Convert string1 to string2 in one editstring
Find First non-repeating character in a stringstring
Remove recurring digits in a given numberstring
Recursively print all the sentences that can be formed from list of word listsstring
Online algorithm for checking palindrome in a streamstring
Check if two given strings are isomorphic to each otherstring
Length of longest valid substringstring
Program to add two binary digitsstring
Recursive Implementation of atoi()string
Reverse a string without affecting special charactersstring
Recursive function to do substring searchstring
Print Longest common subsequencestring
Rotate string to get lexicographically minimum stringstring
Number of sub-strings which recursively add up to 9string
Palindrome string (number)string
Print all possible words from phone digitsstring
Shortest Superstring Problemstring
Transform one string to another using minimum number of given operationsstring
Print string of odd length in ‘X’ formatstring
Minimum insertions to form a shortest palindromestring
print all palindromic partitionsstring
Check rearranged string can form a palindromestring
Palindromes in a given rangestring
String(represents an integer) to valuestring
Count the number of wordsstring
Print all anagrams together in a sequence of wordsstring
Lexicographic rank of stringstring
Remove spaces from a stringstring
Find, second, frequent, characterstring
Find the second most frequent characterstring
Check if a given string is a rotation of a palindromestring
Sort an array of stringsstring
Recursively remove all adjacent duplicatesstring
Remove ‘b’ and ‘ac’ from a given stringstring
wildcard character matchingstring
Longest Palindromic Substringstring
Given string is interleaving of two other strings or notstring
Print all permutations with repetitionstring
Run length encodingstring
List items containing all characters of a given wordstring
Write a program to print all permutations of a given stringstring
Check whether two strings are anagram of each otherstring
Print all interleavings of given two stringsstring
Print all duplicates in the input stringstring
A Program to check if strings are rotations of each other or notstring
Given a string find its first non-repeating characterstring
Reverse words in a given stringstring
Find the smallest window in a string containing all characters of another stringstring
Divide a string in N equal partsstring
Print Reverse of a string (Recursion)string
Remove characters from first string which are in secondstring
Sorting the array of stringsstring
Remove duplicates from a stringstring
Concatenation of two stringsstring
Reverse a Stringstring
Most repeating character in a stringstring

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