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Perfect reversible string


Check that if reverses of all possible substrings of input string are present in string or not. If present it’s a perfectly reversible string.


a) Input string : abc
Output : NO
Here ab reverse ba is not present in abc.

b) Input string : aba
Output : Yes
Here a, b, ab, ba , aba present in string.

Time complexity : O(n)


Check if the string is palindrome or nott.

If string is palindrome it is perfectly reversible.

C++ Program

#include <bits/stdc++.h>

using namespace std;

//Check if palinddrome or not
//If palindrome reversible, else not 
bool isReversible(string str)
     int i = 0, j = str.length()-1;
     //Traverse from left and right
     while (i < j)
        if (str[i] != str[j])
            return false;
     return true;
//Main function
int main()
  string input_string="abab";
  if (isReversible(input_string))
      cout<< "Perfectly reversible string";
      cout << "Not Perfectly reversible";
  return 0;

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