Excel Sheet Column Title Leetcode Solution

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Problem Statement

In this problem a positive integer is given which represents a column number of an Excel sheet, we have to return its corresponding column title as appear in an Excel sheet.

Excel Sheet Column Title Leetcode Solution







This problem is the reverse of the problem in which we have to find out the column number from a column title.
So in that problem we converted a base-26 number into base-10 number which is a decimal number. In this problem we have to find out column title from column number. So here we just have to do opposite, i.e. we have to convert a base-10 (decimal) number into a number of base-26 system.

We know in general number system of suppose base-26 should have 26 characters which represents values 0 to 25. But in Excel sheet column title this is little different. It represents values from 1 to 26. So if we use characters A-Z as 0-25, then it will look like below equation:

Let string be ABZ, this is corresponding to number n:
n = (A+1) * 26^2 + (B+1) * 26^1 + (Z+1) * 26^0

Why (A+1)? Because in char system ‘A’ is 0, but in excel system ‘A’ is one. Every char get an extra one.

So in order to get last char i.e. Z we would first minus 1 i.e. n– and then get n%26
(n-1)%26 = Z
Now divide with 26 and repeat same process for next character.
(n-1)/26 = (A+1) * 26^1 + (B+1) * 26^0

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  1. Create an empty string for storing the characters.
  2. Run a loop while n is positive.
    • Subtract 1 from n.
    • Get current character by doing modulo of  n by 26.
    • Divide n by 26.
  3. Now reverse the result string because we have found characters from right to left.
  4. Return the reversed string.


C++ Program for Excel Sheet Column Title Leetcode Solution

#include <bits/stdc++.h>
using namespace std;

string convertToTitle(int n) 
    string ans;
        int d= n%26;
        ans+= 'A'+d;            
   return ans; 

int main() 
   cout<<convertToTitle(28) <<endl;
   return 0; 

Java Program for Excel Sheet Column Title Leetcode Solution

class Rextester{
    public static String convertToTitle(int n) 
        StringBuilder ans= new StringBuilder();
            int d= n%26;
        return ans.toString(); 
    public static void main(String args[])
       System.out.println( convertToTitle(28)  ) ;

Complexity Analysis for Excel Sheet Column Title Leetcode Solution

Time Complexity

O(log(n)) : Where n is the given column number. We are dividing the number by 26 in each iteration, hence time complexity will be O(log(n)).

Space Complexity 

O(1) : We are not using any extra space other than for storing the result.