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Getting Started with R – Help in R


The simplest way to get help in R is to click on the Help button on the toolbar of the RGui window (this stands for R’s Graphic User Interface). However, if you know the name of the function you want help with, you just type a question mark ? at the command line prompt followed by the name of the function. So to get help on read.table, just type


Try It

Help in R Programming

Sometimes you cannot remember the precise name of the function, but you know the subject on which you want help (e.g. data input in this case). Use the help.search function (without a question mark) with your query in double quotes like this:

help.search("data input")

Try It

and (with any luck) you will see the names of the R functions associated with this query. Then you can use ?read.table to get detailed help.

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