Maximum Depth of Binary Tree Leetcode Solution

Problem Statement   In the problem a binary tree is given and we have to find out the maximum depth of the given tree. A binary tree’s maximum depth is the number of nodes along the longest path from the root node down to the farthest leaf node. Example 3 / …

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Minimum Depth of Binary Tree Leetcode Solution

In this problem, we need to find the length of the shortest path from the root to any leaf in a given binary tree. Note that the “length of the path” here means the number of nodes from the root node to the leaf node. This length is called Minimum …

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Boundary Traversal of binary tree

Problem Statement   The problem “Boundary Traversal of binary tree” states that you are given a binary tree. Now you need to print the boundary view of a binary tree. Here boundary traversal means that all the nodes are shown as the boundary of the tree. The nodes are seen from …

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