Kth Largest Element in a Stream Leetcode Solution

Problem Statement   In this problem, we have to design a class KthLargest() that initially has an integer k and an array of integers. We need to write a parameterized constructor for it when an integer k and array nums are passed as arguments. The class also has a function add(val) that adds …

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Min Stack Leetcode Solution

Problem Statement   Design a stack that supports push, pop, top, and retrieving the minimum element in constant time. push(x) — Push element x onto stack. pop() — Removes the element on top of the stack. top() — Get the top element. getMin() — Retrieve the minimum element in the stack. …

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Add and Search Word – Data structure design LeetCode

The problem “Add and Search Word – Data structure design LeetCode” asks us to create or design a new data structure. Such that which can be used for adding or storing a word and searching the words where the search function can search even a regular expression from the word. …

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Max stack

Problem Statement   The problem “Max stack” states to design a special stack which can perform these operations : push(x): push one element into the stack. top(): returns the element that is at the top of the stack. pop(): remove the element from the stack which is at the top. peekmax(): …

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Insert Delete GetRandom

In Insert Delete GetRandom problem we need to design a data structure that supports all following operations in average O(1) time. insert(val): Inserts an item val to the set if not already present. remove(val): Removes an item val from the set if present. getRandom: Returns a random element from the current set …

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LRU Cache Implementation

Least Recently Used (LRU) Cache is a type of method which is used to maintain the data such that the time required to use the data is the minimum possible. LRU algorithm used when the cache is full. We remove the least recently used data from the cache memory of …

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