Majority Element Leetcode Solution

Problem Statement   We are given an array of integers. We need to return the integer which occurs more than ⌊N / 2⌋ time in the array where ⌊ ⌋ is the floor operator. This element is called the majority element. Note that the input array always contains a majority element. …

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Permutations Leetcode Solution

The problem Permutations Leetcode Solution provides a simple sequence of integers and asks us to return a complete vector or array of all the permutations of the given sequence. So, before going into solving the problem. We should be familiar with permutations. So, a permutation is nothing but an arrangement …

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Majority Element

Problem Statement   Given a sorted array, we need to find the majority element from the sorted array. Majority element: Number occurring more than half the size of the array. Here we have given a number x we have to check it is the majority_element or not. Example   Input 5 2 …

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