Word Break

Word Break is a problem that beautifully illustrates a whole new concept. We have all heard of compound words. Words made up of more than two words. Today we have a list of words and all we’ve got to do is check if all the words from the dictionary can …

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Pascal Triangle Leetcode

The Pascal Triangle is a very good Leetcode problem that is asked so many times in Amazon, Microsoft, and other companies. we have given non-negative integer rows, print first rows rows of the pascal triangle. Example rows = 5 rows = 6 Types of solution for Pascal Triangle Leetcode Dynamic Programming …

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Merge Two Sorted Lists Leetcode

What is merge two sorted lists problem on leetcode? This is so interesting question asked so many times in compnies like Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft, etc. In this problem(Merge Two Sorted Lists Leetcode), we have given two linked lists. Both linked lists are in increasing order. Merge both linked list in …

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