Four Elements that Sum to Given

Problem Statement In four elements that sum to a given problem, we have given an array containing N elements that may be positive or negative. Find the set of four elements whose sum is equal to given value k. Input Format First-line containing an integer N. Second-line containing an array …

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The Celebrity Problem

Problem Statement In the celebrity problem there is a room of N people, Find the celebrity. Conditions for Celebrity is- If A is Celebrity then Everyone else in the room should know A. A shouldn’t know anyone in the room. We need to find the person who satisfies these conditions. …

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Subarray with Given Sum

Problem Statement In the subarray with the given sum problem, we have given an array containing n positive elements. We have to find the subarray in which the sum of all the elements of the subarray equal to a given_sum. Subarray is obtained from the original array by deleting some …

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