Longest Repeated Subsequence

The problem “Longest Repeated Subsequence” states that you are given a string as an input. Find out the longest repeated subsequence, that is the subsequence that exists twice in the string. Example   aeafbdfdg 3 (afd) Approach   The problem asks us to find out the longest repeated subsequence in the string. …

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Largest Sum Contiguous Subarray

Problem Statement   You are given an array of integers. The problem statement asks to find out the largest sum contiguous subarray. This means nothing but to find a subarray (continuous elements) which has the largest sum among all other subarrays in the given array. Example   arr[] = {1, -3, 4, …

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Construct BST from its given Level Order Traversal

Given the level order traversal of a Binary Search Tree, write an algorithm to construct the Binary Search Tree or BST from ITS given level order traversal. Example   Input levelOrder[] = {18, 12, 20, 8, 15, 25, 5, 9, 22, 31} Output In-order : 5 8 9 12 15 18 …

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