Insert Delete GetRandom O(1) Leetcode Solution

Problem Statement The Insert Delete GetRandom O(1) LeetCode Solution – “Insert Delete GetRandom O(1)” asks you to implement these four functions in O(1) time complexity. insert(val): Insert the val into the randomized set and return true if the element is initially absent in the set. It returns false when the …

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Next Permutation Leetcode Solution

Problem Statement The Next Permutation LeetCode Solution – “Next Permutation” states that given an array of integers which is a permutation of first n natural numbers. We need to find the next lexicographically smallest permutation of the given array. The replacement must be in-place and use only constant extra space. …

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3Sum Closest LeetCode Solution

Problem Statement 3Sum Closest LeetCode Solution – Given an integer array nums of length n and an integer target, find three integers in nums such that the sum is closest to target. Return the sum of the three integers. You may assume that each input would have exactly one solution. Input: nums = [-1,2,1,-4], target = 1 Output: …

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