Convert a normal BST to Balanced BST

Problem Statement   Given a Binary Search Tree(BST), write an algorithm to convert the BST to a Balanced Binary Search Tree. A balanced Binary Search tree is nothing but a binary search tree whose difference between the height of left subtree and right subtree is less than or equal to 1. …

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Merge Overlapping Intervals

In merge overlapping intervals problem we have given a collection of intervals, merge and return all overlapping intervals. Example   Input : [[2, 3], [3, 4], [5, 7]] Output: [[2, 4], [5, 7]] Explanation: We can merge [2, 3] and [3, 4] together to form [2, 4] Please click Like if …

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Merging Intervals

In merging intervals problem we have given a set of intervals of the form [l, r], merge the overlapping intervals. Examples   Input {[1, 3], [2, 6], [8, 10], [15, 18]} Output {[1, 6], [8, 10], [15, 18]} Input {[1, 4], [1, 5]} Output {[1, 5]} Naive Approach for merging intervals   …

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Merge Overlapping Intervals II

Problem Statement   In the “Merge Overlapping Intervals II” problem we have given a set of intervals. Write a program that will merge the overlapping intervals into one and print all the non-overlapping intervals. Input Format   The first line containing an integer n. Second-line containing n pairs where each pair is …

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Count of Triplets With Sum Less than Given Value

Problem Statement   We have given an array containing N number of elements. In the given array, Count the number of triplets with a sum less than the given value. Example   Input a[] = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8} Sum = 10 Output 7 Possible triplets are : …

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Find Triplet in Array With a Given Sum

Problem Statement   Given an array of integers, find the combination of three elements in the array whose sum is equal to a given value X. Here we will print the first combination that we get. If there is no such combination then print -1. Example   Input N=5, X=15 arr[] = …

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Move All the Zeros to the End of the Given Array

Problem Statement   In the given array move all the zeros which are present in the array to the end of the array. Here there is always a way exist to insert all the number of zeroes to the end of the array. Example   Input 9 9 17 0 14 0 …

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A Product Array Puzzle

Problem Statement   In a product array puzzle problem we need to construct an array where the ith element will be the product of all the elements in the given array except element at the ith position. Example   Input  5 10 3 5 6 2 Output Please click Like if you …

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Majority Element

Problem Statement   Given a sorted array, we need to find the majority element from the sorted array. Majority element: Number occurring more than half the size of the array. Here we have given a number x we have to check it is the majority_element or not. Example   Input 5 2 …

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