Breadth First Search (BFS) for a Graph

Breadth First Search (BFS) for a graph is a traversing or searching algorithm in tree/graph data structure. It starts at a given vertex(any arbitrary vertex) and explores all the connected vertex and after that moves to the nearest vertex and explores all the unexplored nodes and takes care that no …

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Check if String can Become Empty by Recursively Deleting given Substring

Problem Statement In the “Check if string can become empty by recursively deleting given substring” problem we have given two strings “s” and “t”. We have to check if the given input string “s” can be deleted completely by deleting the given input sub-string “t” recursively. Note: Given sub-string should …

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Longest Palindrome can be Formed by Removing or Rearranging Characters

Problem Statement In the “Longest Palindrome can be Formed by Removing or Rearranging Characters” problem we have given a string “s”. Find the longest palindrome that can be constructed by removing or rearranging some characters or possibly zero characters from the string. There may be multiple solutions possible, you can …

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