Selenium Tutorial

Types of Testing

Use of Browser InspectorIntroduction For web automation using Selenium, the start step is to locate web elements on the read more
Selenium LocatorsSelenium Locators Selenium needs to access the web elements for automating the tasks related to read more
Configuration ManagementIntroduction Every project has huge data of its products codebase, documents, software, and other read more
Continuous integration CIIntroduction Continuous integration (CI) is a software development methodology in which developers read more
Bug Life cycleIntroduction We test and review the software products to improve their quality by identifying the read more
Stress TestingIntroduction Stress testing is a type of performance testing technique in which the software system read more
Load TestingIntroduction In the process of software development whether agile or waterfall, the software goes read more
Black box testingIntroduction All the testing techniques are broadly put into two categories. The first category is read more
Grey box testingIntroduction Grey box testing is the testing technique which combines black box and white box read more
White box testingIntroduction White box testing is the testing technique which tests the internal structure and read more
Portability TestingIntroduction Portability testing is the testing which establishes the ease or difficulty with which read more
End to End TestingIntroduction End to end testing refers to the testing of the functional and data flow of an read more
Alpha TestingIntroduction A software product goes through several cycles of testing to ensure quality delivery read more
Beta TestingIntroduction A software verification happens not only at the developer’s site but also at the read more
Acceptance TestingIntroduction Acceptance testing as the name suggests verifies the product against the business read more
Install Java – Java SetupDownload and install Java for Selenium WebDriver This tutorial guides you through the step by step read more
What is SeleniumIntroduction to Selenium Selenium is an open source suite of test automation tools which enables read more
Running with Mobile User agentsIntroduction A user agent is a string of information identifying browser, operating system, the web read more
Usability TestingIntroduction Different organizations invest in a software product to achieve their business goals. read more
Performance TestingIntroduction Performance Testing is the testing to check the speed, scalability, and stability of read more
Security TestingIntroduction Security testing is the testing to identify vulnerabilities, threats, and risks read more
Regression TestingIntroduction Regression testing is the testing of the existing functionality of the product to read more
System TestingIntroduction Testers deploy various testing stages in the product lifecycle in their bid to uncover read more
Sanity TestingIntroduction Sanity testing is the testing which verifies that the code changes in the build are read more
Smoke TestingIntroduction Smoke testing is the set of non-exhaustive tests which ascertain that the critical read more
Integration TestingIntroduction Software testing is a process which lasts throughout the development lifecycle of the read more
Unit TestingWhat is Unit Testing The testing of the smallest testable units of a software product is called read more
The First Selenium test caseIntroduction In this tutorial, we will develop our first Selenium script. This is a basic script to read more
Configure Eclipse with WebDriverConfigure Eclipse with WebDriver Introduction This tutorial shows the detailed steps to set up read more
Running Selenium Test On Chrome BrowserIntroduction One of the major advantages of Selenium is that it is compatible with multiple read more
Running Selenium Test On FireFox BrowserIntroduction Selenium is a multi-browser multi-platform automation tool. But, to achieve this read more
Running Selenium test on Safari browserIntroduction In this tutorial, we will learn how to execute the Selenium code on the Safari read more
Running Selenium Test on Internet Explorer BrowserIntroduction Selenium is a multi-browser automation tool. Hence, like Firefox and Chrome browsers, read more
Challenges faced with IE browser Selenium automationIntroduction Developers and automation engineers face several challenges while automating tests on read more
Internet Explorer Driver ServerIntroduction We have seen how to run Selenium Tests in IE browser by using the driver. read more
Set up Selenium WebDriverIntroduction Selenium WebDriver is an open-source automation tool. It is primarily a web read more
Set up Eclipse IDE from ScratchSet up Eclipse from Scratch Introduction Eclipse IDE provides is an Integrated development read more
Setup WebDriver Client for JavaSet Up Selenium WebDriver Java Client Introduction One of the most important advantages of Selenium read more